We are building a community of change agents – organizations and people that are committed to the cause of building a stronger America. The America we live in today has 66,749 broken bridges. It has $78b worth of repairs needed in the public transit system, and a $62b backlog in US Corps of Engineers projects. But our vision of America has none of these problems, the America we see is free from the burden of infrastructural meltdown.

Every day offers an opportunity to build, repair and upgrade our infrastructure, and each opportunity takes us closer to that vision. With the US government investing $1t on infrastructure, and another $1t expected to come from public and private enterprise, now is the time to act.


The Icons of Infrastructure movement is made up of government enterprises, start-up innovators, utility and energy executives, private investors and interested individuals who share this vision of America, and are committed to building it.

Where the defunct systems and processes of the past have led to our current situation – Icons of Infrastructure is about leaping past these boundaries with new thinking. We are forging disruptive new processes, creating new types of network and task force, putting in place the building blocks of innovation on which our nation can build towards the future.


Leading our community are the think tank founders: the pioneers who have been here since the beginning, providing thought leadership and building the foundations of the movement.

Our community members are our driving force – the Change Agents who take our ideas and action them across the country.

We will make a difference, we will generate lasting impact, we will pave the way for new projects to break ground. It will be hard work – there is a mountain to climb, but every mountain is an opportunity for achievement, and to celebrate the efforts of those who’ve made them possible.

Icons of Infrastructure is how we change the world for the better.

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