America achieved greatness because innovative, hard-working, “never take no for an answer” creators built a great nation. Today, more than ever, America needs that determined spirit.

America’s airports can be world-class.

So can its roads, bridges, power lines, and dams.

There are people, companies, and public officials who are rising to the challenge, taking action, and creating innovative solutions and products to make this country great.

It’s time we celebrated these “icons of infrastructure” and shine a light where we are winning – today and in the future.

We believe America needs an infrastructure movement – driven by action, solutions and results. A movement that connects disruptive innovators with relentless executors, celebrates start-ups fueled by spirited entrepreneurs, and inspires visionaries to think even bigger.

This is a call to arms for the best and brightest to join the movement. And no company is more suited to ignite this movement than Informa.

With our B2B audience of 30 million professionals, we know what it takes to create a powerful community of change agents; to engage with the largest and most diverse group of stakeholders, from start-ups and established companies to investors and government; and to provide a trusted environment for the easy exchange of knowledge and expertise.

We promise to challenge the roadblocks and spotlight the obstructionists but, more than that, we commit to showcasing those who have broken through and share their success with others.

We promise to move today’s infrastructure to a better tomorrow.

Welcome to Icons of Infrastructure.

Get involved and become an Icon.

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