10 Infrastructure Projects That Defy The Status Quo

While the state of our crumbling infrastructure is grabbing national headlines, a number of large-scale projects are quietly moving forward. Defying the odds, what’s making these multi-billion dollar projects possible is the strong will of the people involved and their ability to think differently.

Read about the top 10 infrastructure projects that are challenging the status quo – be it a major electrical transmission line bringing wind power to the middle of the country or an underground pipeline transporting fresh water to the parched southwest.


Included in this Report:

  • Southern states adding billions of dollars in tax revenue and more than a million jobs
  • Traffic Relief Plan – reducing traffic and savings on congestion costs
  • Benefits of an airport battery storage experiment
  • Resistant weather and cybersecurity grid
  • Zero-emissions HSR transpiration system committed to proving sustainability
  • How a design competition influenced the Port Authority Bus Terminal plan
  • Lessons learned from creating the largest wind farm in the nation

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