Advancing the US Electric Grid

electric gridIt takes research and development to move ahead with significant technological changes for our vast and complex electric grid.

Many prominent tech leaders – including Bill Gates – have called for a significant ramp-up in spending on electric energy research.

Critics have pointed out that conservative monopoly utilities do not have the incentives to spend significant shares of their revenue on R&D.

The federal government historically has made up for that.

But with a massive tax cut to fund, and a growing public sentiment that the size and role of government should be curbed, how will we move forward?

That was the theme of a recent conference, Advancing the U.S. Electric Grid, help in Washington’s National Press Club.

Respected thought leaders from utilities, entrepreneurial startups, government and beyond weighed in on the challenges and opportunity to move ahead with the needed evolution of our power grid.
Also examined were profound security matters related to hardening and securing the grid against threats posed by cyberterrorists and increasingly more violent weather patterns.

We are pleased to provide you with an opportunity to consider the highlights of our discussion, crafted by two journeymen journalists who covered the conference. Click here to download this report. (.pdf report)

Stay tuned for future events and articles on these important issues by Icons of Infrastructure.

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