Lessons from the 2017 Hurricane: How Puerto Rico Could Harden Its Power Grid

This on-demand webcast took explores how our grid infrastructure can, and should, be hardened.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


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About the event

When Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico in Fall 2017, it left thousands of residents without power for weeks and set off an unprecedented crisis. As the island’s infrastructure has been rebuilt, some regulators and industry experts believe we ought to use innovative technologies and strategies to help withstand powerful weather events like tornadoes and hurricanes in the future. This on-demand webcast explores how our grid infrastructure can, and should, be hardened.

By attending, you will:

  • Explore different types of grid design including underground transmission lines.
  • Discuss the role of governments, solution providers, investors, and citizens in determining the needs and execution of infrastructure projects.
  • Review innovative technologies, such as how Tesla solar units coupled with energy storage could reduce dependence on a traditional power grid

Special guest Gabe Gutierrez, NBC Correspondent, gives his firsthand account of what the power outage was like in Puerto Rico during the six weeks he covered the story.

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