GE Transportation Advances Edge Platform for Rail Operators

About EdgeLINC

  • EdgeLINC is an edge device platform providing IIoT connectivity and data flow management
  • It also offers device management, and, using SAS® Event Stream Processing engine, streaming analytics at the edge and the back office.
  • It provides for off-board monitoring of device health, device configuration and streaming analytics, enabling real-time data processing and optimization. 

Last October, GE Transportation launched EdgeLINC.

The edge platform offers computing and analytics on the edge, giving train operators actionable information to make real-time decisions.

Now, it’s expanding the platform capabilities dramatically.

The new capabilities include cloud support to complement its on-premise offering, software development kits (SDK) to drive integration with non-native Industrial IoT and Android devices, along with support for Kontron and MEN Micro devices.

“These robust new capabilities expand EdgeLINC’s core functionality and allow a broader ecosystem of developers and users to leverage the possibilities of edge-to-cloud connectivity and real-time event streaming,” said Laurie Tolson, GE Transportation’s Chief Digital Officer.

“EdgeLINC has also been updated to include pre-packaged event streaming rules for freight train operations covering fuel management, excess idle, geo-zoning and customer notification systems, representing some of the industry’s most pressing business challenges.”

EdgeLINC Interface Credit: GE Transportation

Apart from showcasing EdgeLINC’s device-agnostic usability, the support for Kontron and MEN Micro devices also strengthens EdgeLINC’s device ecosystem. Now, according to GE Transportation, customers will be able to:

  • Achieve faster time to market by taking advantage of EdgeLINC’s broad deployment options and user-friendly device interface and management features.
  • Support a wider range of connected devices using the new SDK and enable deployments with high reliability.
  • Attain rapid time-to-business value by leveraging EdgeLINC’s native SAS® Event Stream Processing to develop rules and operational alerts.

“At Kontron, we understand the increasing requirements of connected embedded transportation systems,” said Kevin Rhoads, General Manager at Kontron America. “That’s why we are committed to continued innovation of market-ready platforms that help customers such as GE Transportation focus on what they do best – complex edge-to-cloud device management.”

Today, EdgeLINC is being deployed on more than 1,000 locomotives by a Class 1 railroad in North America.

You can read more about EdgeLINC here

Last month, General Electric announced it will merge GE Transportation with Wabtec Corp. in a deal valued at $11.1 billion. The merger will make Wabtec, a Fortune 500, a global transportation leader in rail equipment, software and services, with operations in more than 50 countries. The transaction is expected to close in early 2019.

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