Gateway Tunnel Promoters Keen to ‘Get Word Out’ as Key Funding Decisions Await

While a 109-year old tunnel continues to deteriorate, it is imperative to break political log-jam in favor of rebuilding the crucial piece of transportation infrastructure as early as possible.

Public, Private Sectors Eye Infra Development in Small and Mid-Sized Cities

Small and mid-sized cities are often daunted by the complexity of P3s, and the difficulty of attracting private sector capital but, those involved in financing are looking to turn that around.

Trump Official Affirms Infrastructure Reauthorization Remains A Top Priority

The Trump administration expects a vigorous debate on federal infrastructure reauthorization next spring, as a working group focused on the matter is scheduled to convene. James Ray, special [...]

Infrastructure Doesn’t Have to Be So Political: Virginia Postrel

If the Democrats take the House, we may see a revival of President Donald Trump’s promised $1 trillion (or more) infrastructure program, this time financed through federal borrowing rather than [...]


Eyes on the Grid – The Sensor Revolution

The New York Power Authority is in the vanguard of utilities turning to sophisticated sensors to better understand their billions of dollars of grid equipment – and provide for more resilient [...]

Americans overwhelmingly support government funding for public transportation

86% of Americans support government funding for public transportation, while 52% believe helping those who cannot drive is the most important benefit of public transportation, according to a new [...]

How Atlanta is deploying smart tech to reduce traffic snarls

Sensored streetlights. High-definition cameras.  Alexa alerts for motorists to jam-causing traffic incidents. These are some smart tech deployed by Atlanta to increase road efficiency and safety.

New Dawn of Infrastructure Investment

CG/LA Infrastructure’s CEO & Chairman Norman Anderson talks about the critical need for infrastructure leadership in the US, along with the role of public sector and technological advances.


Emerging Stars of Infrastructure

They work for law firms, engineering companies and banks. In their personal lives they surf, play tennis, cross country ski and engage in triathlons. They are smart, passionate and committed to [...]

Kansas City Southern Orders 50 GE Locomotives

In a boost to GE Transportation, Kansas City Southern has ordered 50 of its advanced locomotives to be delivered in 2019.

Smart Cities: Building Tomorrow’s Infrastructure

Smart Cities are partnering with utilities and vendors to adopt innovative solutions to provide more efficient and improved services.

Rethinking Our Century-Old Approach to Paying for Infrastructure

Our crumbling infrastructure can be fixed if we change how we fund capital investments and maintenance.

Tariffs Add 1,500 Steel Jobs in a Week, As Trade Wars Loom

American steel factories to add 1,500 jobs since President Trump authorized tariffs on imports last Thursday, even as trade wars loom.


Top Trump Aide to Resign Amid Tariff Dispute As Stocks Dive

Top Aide Gary Cohn is set to resign as debate over President Trump’s tariffs heats up sending ripples across markets.


Here’s What Analysts Say About Trump’s Tariffs

Here’s what some analysts say about the potential impact on sectors as a result of President Trump’s proposed steel and aluminum tariffs.

Hudson Tunnel Requires Committed Cash, Transportation Secretary Tells Senators

US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao told US Senators that federal loans shouldn’t count towards the states’ share of funding a proposed tunnel connecting New Jersey with New York.

The Best and the Brightest of the US Army Corps of Engineers

Col. Michael Clancy, Commander & District Engineer of the New Orleans District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, reflects on the epic hurricane and flood mitigation work the federal government [...]

Smart Tech is driving this North Carolina Town’s Infrastructure

Cary, a town in the suburbs of Raleigh, N.C., is quietly leading an infrastructure overhaul, embracing innovative technologies to provide cost savings and also improved services to its roughly [...]

Why Charging Your Electric Car at Night Could Save the World

If the world’s drivers plug in an increasingly large EV fleet right after work at peak demand times, it could undo many of the environmental benefits expected from fewer cars running on gasoline [...]

Trump Public-Works Plan Gets Nudge From $2 Trillion Pension Pool

At the White House this week, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will propose using a chunk of Australia’s $1.99 trillion pension savings pool to help funding for President Trump’s [...]

Private Capital Trumps Federal Money in Infrastructure Plan

The Trump Administration’s $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan announced Monday lays out a framework for private capital to work with local and state resources to fund projects.


Trump Urges Congress to Pass $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Bill

President Donald Trump urged Congress to pass a $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill to help rebuild the nation's crumbling roads and bridges during his first State Of The Union address on Tuesday.


What’s In the Trump Infrastructure Plan for Cities?

At a White House meeting Wednesday (Jan. 24) where President Donald Trump highlighted his infrastructure plan, Mesa, Ariz., Mayor John Giles...


Will Trump Use P3 to Help Infrastructure Take Off?

President Trump’s first State Of The Union address next week will introduce his plans to upgrade our nation’s aging infrastructure.

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