This is What the President Is Talking About

Wind turbines in the hills of Southwest Oklahoma .

A leaked draft of President Donald Trump’s infrastructure plans recently identified 50 major projects ripe for federal and private sector support as part of his $1.5 billion infrastructure effort.

Come along as we dive into the weeds to learn a bit about one of them.

The Plains and Eastern transmission project, which would transport wind generated electricity from the panhandle of Oklahoma to northeast of Memphis, was one of seven electricity projects out of the 50 on the president’s wish list.

The transmission lines would extend 700 miles and carry about 4,000 megawatts.

That is enough power to serve 1 million homes.

The price tag: $2.5 billion. It is anticipated that construction of the line would spur additional investment in new renewable energy.

Companies involved in the project include Sediver, which will provide glass insulators, General Cable, which will furnish cable, GE Energy Connection, which will provide HVDC converter stations, and Pelco Structural, wich will supply steel transmission structures, according to the project website.

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