Tomorrow’s Cars: Getting Smarter all the Time


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Equipped with ADAS features like night vision and lane departure warning systems to surround view, the cars of tomorrow will be smarter, driven by a multitude of sensors, cameras, and systems.

No matter what market forecast (and there is a lot of data out there!)  you look at these days, one thing that is abundantly clear: Cars of the future are going to come equipped with more and more advanced capabilities and features designed to make driving smarter, safer, and hopefully more enjoyable.

What is also clear is that the market for the underlying technologies that make these features possible—from radar systems and sensors to cameras—is going to grow at impressive rates in just a very few years.The infographic below displays the new capabilities that are in the hottest demand, and the resulting market growth expected for the core technologies. As the data suggests, it might be a very good time to be in the business of helping to make cars smarter.

Tomorrow’s Cars: Getting Smarter all the Time

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