United Shuffles Newark and Washington Flying Because of Capacity Constraints

When United first announced that it would shift flying in Newark to focus more on local traffic while Washington/Dulles would be bulked up to handle connections, you may have flashed back to the American-TWA merger. At that time, American said it would focus Chicago/O’Hare on local traffic while St Louis would handle connections. That failed spectacularly, but don’t make the mistake thinking this is the same thing. What United is doing may be motivated by the same reasons (capacity constraints), but this plan is far more likely to work.

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Brett Snyder
President, Cranky Concierge, Cranky Flier
Brett Snyder is the author of the award-winning airline industry blog, “Cranky Flier,” and President of Cranky Concierge air travel assistance. Snyder has worked in pricing, marketing and strategy roles with several airlines.

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