US Army Corps of Engineers Releases P3 RFI

Ten projects sought

  • DBFOM projects sought
  • USACE to seek evaluate projects risk allocation, replicability and ROI
  • Discussions with proponents regarding barriers to implementation anticipated

The RFI can be viewed here.

The body seeks to identify up to 10 P3 pilot projects. Each project will be evaluated on the basis of whether it has the ability to generate revenue or leverage non-Federal funding sources; accelerates project delivery; and includes design, build, finance, operation, and maintenance, or some combination thereof.

Proposals will be selected in part on the basis of their respective risk allocations, replicability, and the return on federal investment. Proposals are due by 2 April 2019.

The body will conduct follow up discussions with successful proponents to better understand individual proposals, as well as barriers to implementation

USACE five years ago implemented a pilot P3 program. The body first identified the Fargo Moorhead Flood Diversion project as a P3 candidate, but Congress in FY 17-18 restricted additional P3 efforts until the corps had developed a P3 policy. The new policy can be viewed here.

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